In the Wilderness: Jewish Dreaming by Rabbi Fred Morgan (2010)

Rabbi Pauline Bebe (2011)

Just Who Counts? by Rabbi Stanley M. Davids (2012)

Learning to Live in Wilderness Rabbi Howard Cooper (2013)

Numbers in the Desert: Who is Counted and Who Counts in a Contemporary Census of the Jewish People/Family? by Rabbi Joel Oseran (2014)

What, If Anything, Unites, by Rabbi Paul Golomb (2015)

Make Yourself Count! By: Rabbi Cory Weiss (2016)


An ancient blessing with eternal relevance, by Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins (2010)

Rabbi Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor (2011)

Princes Then and Now, by Rabbi Ferenc Raj, PhD (2012)

Rabbi Danny Burkeman (2013)

Working toward equal rights for Reform Jews in Israel by Rabbi Dr. Edgar Nof (2014)

You Shall Bless and be Blessed, by Rabbi Y. Lindsey bat Joseph (2015) 

Blessings Abound, By Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber (2016)

Blessings Abound, By Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber (2016)



Rabbi Michael Dolgin (2010)

Moses and Spiritual Pluralism, by Rabbi David Ariel-Joe (2011)

“Stand By Me” by Rabbi Lawrence Englander (2012)

El Na Refa Na La – and move on! by Rabbi Uri Lam (2014)

Toward the Face of the Menorah: Searching for Meaningful Life in Israel (2015)

Stop Just Complaining and Do Something, by Rabbi Grisha Abramovich (2016)


It is Not About being Left or Right Any More, Israel Just Needs to GET SMART, by Rabbi Rich Kirschen (2010)

Rabbi Dr. Charles Middleburgh (2011)

Rabbi Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor (2012)

Thread of Blue by Rabbi Fred Davidow (2013)

Rabbi Pauline Bebe (2014)

How we see ourselves, by Rabbi Danny Burkeman (2015)

Rabbi Fred Morgan (2016)



Rabbi Ann B. Folb (2010)

Rabbi Joel D. Oseran (2011)

Building Through Questioning by Rabbi James Greene (2012)

Korah’s Name Lives on in Infamy: Is it Just? by Rabbi Matt Cutler (2013)

On Not Being Holy By Rabbi Nathan M. Landman (2014)

Korach and his Dishonest Argumen, by Rabbi Elyse Goldstein (2015)

Rabbi Uri Lam (2016)


The Healing Snake, by Rabbi Celia Surget (2010)

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs (2011)

Waters of Meriva: Choose your Battles, Do not become Impatient, by Rabbi Benjie Gruber (2012)

A Tale of Witchcraft or the Ancient Psychology of Healing, by Rabbi Goldie Milgram (2013)

Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black (2014)

Rabbi Eric Polokoff (2015)

Rabbi Mark Goldsmith (2016)  


Dear Balak*: on False Prophets and Senseless Hatred, by Rabbi Rich Kirschen (2010)

Re-Thinking Bilaam by Rabbi Raphael W. Asher (2011)

The Secrets of Jewish Survival? by Rabbi Richard G Lampert (2012)

Rabbi John Levi (2013)

Rabbi Dr. Charles Middleburgh (2014)

Before You Sing Mah Tovu Again, Please Read This! (2015)

Rabbi Uri Lam (2016)


Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield CBE (2010)

The Difficult Pursuit of Peace and Justice By Rabbi Fred Morgan (2012)

Blessing Our Ways: Leadership by Example, by Rabbi Shaul (Paul) R Feinberg, PhD (2013)

Kin’a, Zeal in our Judaism by Rabbi Dr. Gábor Lengyel (2014)

Rabbi Rene Pfertzel (2015) 

Dealing with Religious Extremism by Rabbi Danny Burkeman (2016)


Matot-Masei: The Tyranny of Idolatry, by Rabbi Dr. Deborah Kahn-Harris (2012)

Matot-Masei: The Compromise of the Gadites and the Reubenites: A Paradigm for Jewish Survival, by Rabbi Alan David Londy, D.Min (2013)

Learning from our Imperfect Ancestors , by Rabbi Mindy Avra Portnoy (2014)   

Matot-Masei: Rabbi Dr. Walter Rothschild (2015)

Morality in War, Then and Now by Rabbi Jonathan E. Blake (2016)


Rabbi Billy Dreskin (2010)

Journeys: The Essence of Progress, by Rabbi Haim Shalom (2011)

Rabbi Dr. Walter Rothschild (2015)

Rabbi Dr. Walter Rothschild (2016)


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